Oct 19, 2021

Supply Chain Issues & Inflation Impacting The Housing Industry

So now, it is housing.  Think about every material needed to build a new home; lumber, dry wall, cement, nails, appliances, hardware etc. etc.  A lot of those items are sitting on ships off shore outside a US harbor.  In this case, time is money.  If these goods are not delivered soon, there will be major delays in building homes.  This also applies to home improvements and renovations.  

Builders usually borrow money to fund construction projects.  Though interest rates are low at the moment, whatever the additional cost because of delays to complete construction will be passed on to the buyer driving up home prices even more adding to the inflation that is happening in the US.  Many now believe it will take a year or longer to deal with the Supply Chain issues facing our country.

This is a nightmare that will impact every aspect of the economy.  Joe Biden needs to stop issuing Executive Orders that are driving up energy prices, which is impacting the supply chain.  Next, we are going to see the gas lines that occurred during the Carter Presidency.  Gas prices are up $2 a gallon since Joe Biden took office.  The cost of energy impacts the cost everything, which is why we see the price of housing, food and everything else going through the roof.  It is time to put politics aside and do what is right for our country.  Inflation hurts the poor and middle class most.  It is a tax on everybody.