Feb 12, 2021

Dealing With Scams - Beware The Risk Is Real

Scam artists prey on senior citizens; though they are active across all age groups.  Unless you initiate a call to a company you do business with, Never, Never give out any information over the phone especially credit card numbers,  your Social Security number or Driver's license number.   The same is true about giving out that information over the Internet.  You Must check your bank, 401K, stock accounts regularly to make sure they have not been breached.  And, always look at your credit card statements.  If you see any charges that are not yours call the credit card company immediately to have them removed.  And, further if your credit card has been breached you must have them send you a new one with a new number. 

All of us get dozens of Robo calls every day from scam artists.  It is best if you have caller identification and if it is a number you are not familiar with let it go to voice mail.  If it is somebody you need to talk to they will leave a message.   Scam artists work 7/24 to bilk you out of your money or information so they can steal from you.  You can never let your guard down.

If you can't find your credit card, call immediately and cancel it and have them send out a new card with a new number.  It can be inconvenient especially if you have automatic payments on that particular card, but it is the only way to stop unauthorized charges.  It is better to use credit cards for automatic payments than a debit card that goes right to your checking account.  Credit card companies generally will remove unauthorized charges.  If someone gets into your checking account, your money could be long gone before you know what hit you.  Banks will usually cover it, but it is more hassle.  

Dealing with Scams requires vigilance.  This is a national an international problem and crime.  It is getting worse and not better.  We need more government action to go after these scam artist and put them in jail.