Feb 21, 2021

Rediscovering Your Home

After of year of Covid shut downs and diminished travel, many people have rediscovered their homes.  This has meant smaller gatherings with friends and family at home.  In some cases, it has involved cooking meals together and or having food delivered from those favorite restaurants that are still in business.   It may also have meant taking a hard look at our homes to change functionality, or maybe buy some new furniture that is more comfortable.

People are starved to get back to normal when we could go to restaurants and or travel, however, now that we have begun using our homes more just maybe the trend will continue for a while anyway.  Neighborhood friends have become even more important.   We have added cable channels for entertainment.  There really is no need to go to a theater for movies when with big screen TV's and the ability to access just about any movie at home, why leave the comfort of home.  This does not speak well for the theater industry; but it may be the new normal that comes out of Covid.  

Having plenty of food in the home to diminish trips to the market has also occurred.  This means bigger freezers and pantries for storage.   Canned goods last months.  We have also seen the value in this strategy with the recent power outages in Texas and other states.  Covid has changed everything at least for as long as it remains a memory.  Clearly, we now see our home as not just a place to live; but as a sanctuary in times of trouble.  Maybe that is a good thing. 

At Paragon Home Resources, we have always known the value of our homes as we assist many with selling and buying homes.   We help people sort through their needs and wants to choose just the right home for their families.  Today, making those decisions are more important than ever.