Feb 19, 2021

The Kitchen Is The Most Important Room In The Home

Years ago, homes were built with the kitchen usually in the back of the house in an enclosed room.  The thinking was that cooking was messy and should not be done in view of guests or even family.  Once the food was prepared, it was brought out to the dining room where the meal was consumed.  Once the meal was over, usually Mom went back into the kitchen to clean up.  Boy have things changes.  Today, the kitchen is the center of the home and the most important room in the home.  

More often than not in new homes and in renovations, people want "open concept" meaning that the kitchen is now part of the living space rather than separate and apart from it.   People want a big island that is used to prepare foods and as a central meeting point for family and friends.  In fact, everybody gets into the act as family members and guests are often asked to participate in making the meal.   So it is no longer just about eating the meal; but the total experience of creating it. 

There is no doubt that a kitchen renovation will produce the greatest return on investment in terms of the home's value.   Farm style deep sinks are very popular.  Gas cook tops are preferable to electric because no good chef would cook on an electric cook top.   Double ovens and warming drawers are becoming more common along with other built in appliances including refrigerators and of course dish washers.  Most people prefer stainless steel appliances, but in more expensive homes wood panels are becoming common as well.  

If remodeling a kitchen, it is really is best to work with a professional in kitchen design to get the most bang for your buck.  Roll out drawers in kitchen cabinets to put dishes below the counter instead of above it has become the trend.  And, the counters today are usually made out of granite, quartz or other stone like materials with tile back splashes in any number of designs and patterns.  Kitchens really are the most important room in the home.