Aug 1, 2021

Bacon Lovers - Time To Fight Back

Since there is nothing better than the smell of bacon cooking on a stove in the morning probably in most homes in the country, all should know that bacon is under attack.  A new law in California, surprise, surprise requires that Pig farmers house pigs in bigger pens, basically 4 square feet bigger to give Pigs more room to spread out.  Get the pun.  So instead of 20 square feet 24 square feet.  Supposedly, the extra 4 square feet is more humane.  Let's remember, these pigs are being raised for food not pets.  

Since Pig farmers based in California cannot supply the 250 million pounds of bacon consumed in California each year, most of the bacon needed will come from Iowa and other states.  I say the hell with California.  Don't take my bacon away. This means that Pig farmers would have to make a major investment to supply California with bacon.  Even if they choose to do so, which is questionable, they can't meet the time frame.  So, not only will bacon be 30% more expensive in California going forward, we could all end up paying more.  This is a national disaster.  The reality is we can't live without bacon.  

It is time for bacon lovers to fight back.  Contact your members of Congress to demand national bacon laws.  Since federal laws overrule state laws, if the Feds keep the same standards in place,  the California law, which makes little sense, will be null and void.   4 square feet is just 2 feet by 2 feet bigger.  I doubt the Pigs can tell the difference.  We just can't have a bacon shortage in our country.  It would be a national emergency.