Aug 18, 2021

Factors Important To Deciding On A Town, City Or State

 Now that more people are working from home and can live anywhere and or older people are looking to move where they want to retire before they are 65,  sometimes the question arises as to where the best town, city or state is the place to go.  Considering the following 16 factors will help people arrive at the right answer to the question.  

1. Do you want to move to a state with no personal income taxes to lower your tax burden?  Currently, there are nine including Alaska, Washington, Nevada, Wyoming, Texas, South Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire and Florida.  New Hampshire does tax dividend and interest income.  Keep in mind that some states with no personal income taxes often have higher property and sales taxes.  

2. How about weather.  If you don't want snow and cold, or extreme heat and humidity some of the states with no personal income taxes should be eliminated. 

3.  Do you want to be near family and existing friends?

4.  Do you have any chronic diseases?  If so, you will want to be near a big city with great medical facilities and doctors.

5.  Are you into professional sports.

6. Are you into the performing arts?

7. Are you a shopper who needs to be near major stores?

8. Are you a Foodie who needs to be near great restaurants?

9. Are you limited by home price in terms of your budget?

10.  Do you need to be near a major international airport to get non stop flights?

11.  Do you want or need to be near a major university to continue your education?

12. Are you influenced by Politics, Red State Versus Blue State?

13. Do you want to be in a gated master planned community with amenities and an HOA?

14. Are you a golfer?

15. Do you like outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, fishing etc.  

16. Would you prefer small town or big city living?

Answering the  questions listed, will get you to just the right town, city or state.  Do your homework and research to make sure that the must have's on your list exist in the location you  focus on to buy your next home.