Aug 8, 2021

Barbeque and Outdoor Kitchens

Barbeque has been a tradition in the United States since long before the founding of our country.  People have been cooking food outdoors on open fires since prehistoric times.  In the case of frontier America, cooking outdoors was integral to our Westward expansion across the country.  There is a reason they were called Cowboys.  And, this is something Men just do; though frankly probably because it is a lot easier than cooking complex meals in the kitchen that require a lot of preparation.  I like to do both because as an Italian cooking comes naturally.  

People living in apartments often have something as small as a hibachi to barbeque foods, or propane barbecues on tiny terraces.  Of course, those with large backyards and big budgets may have incredible outdoor kitchens that include all sort of appliances from the large barbeque itself to refrigerators, ice makers, sinks etc.  Either way, barbeque is extremely popular in the United States. 

For the most part, many people have moved away from charcoal because it can cause cancer to either natural gas or propane barbeques.  They both provide for cleaner, safer cooking.  Cooking all types of meats, chicken, fish and vegetables all work great on the barbeque.  Food cooks fast on a barbeque so turning ones back is not the best idea if avoiding burnt food is the objective.  Slow cooking usually works best on lower heat.  And, don't forget to spray the grill with oil.  

Barbeque is a great source of backyard entertainment.  People often gather around the barbeque, with beer or a wine glass in hand. Barbeque is a great excuse to entertain family and friends.  So, any time of year is a good time to barbeque unless of course it is raining, or snowing outside.  Otherwise, heat up the barbeque and cook up some great food to have some fun.