Sep 26, 2021

Living Near Great Medical Services Is For Everybody

Generally, people think that older people need to live near great medical services and that is true; however, all families need to live near great medical services.  Children get sick and have accidents.  We have certainly seen the need for the emergency room services for our grandchildren more than once.  Now that people can work from home, there is some thinking about moving to second and even third tier cities where medical services will be less than adequate.  It is not the best idea to be further than a hour away from a major hospital.

At a minimum, the town should have a decent smaller hospital to deal with emergency services.  Even then, it is likely that for anything serious, the patient will have to be sent to a major hospital in a big city.  And, then there is regular care by a family doctor.  Second and third tier cities often lack enough doctors to care for people in the area.  Many doctors just don't want to live in these small towns because they lack various amenities.  The same is really true for specialists.  This leads to doctor shortages.

We don't often think about getting sick especially related to younger people.  However, is is important to realize that not everybody lives to be 90.  Sometimes something relatively easy to treat in a big city can turn into a life threatening event in a small town.   In some instances, time matters to get the right treatment to prevent a serious problem.  So before choosing a location to call home, make sure your insurance will work in that area and make sure there are doctors and hospitals nearby that can treat serious illnesses.