Sep 6, 2021

Spending Time With Family & Friends At Home

Three day holidays often lead to spending time with family and friends at home.  Since home is where the heart is to use an old cliché, it is never more important than when it is used to bring people together for food and fun.  Many times this means an old fashioned barbeque with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and other meats.  A lot of people just default to store bought hamburger patties because they are easy; but not as good as hamburgers with the fixings.  First, the ratio must be 80%/20% fat to make them juicy.  Next, my recipe calls for eggs, Italian bread crumbs, parmesan or Romano cheese and diced Italian parsley.  Add a little olive oil, the food of the Gods to complete the recipe,   Add cheese after half cooked on the grill on request. 

And, then there are the pork and beans, which again require some work.  Start with the maple bourbon Bush's beans.  Half cook up a half a pound of bacon in small pieces to drain the grease before putting in the with your beans.  Add some bourbon, one diced white onion and loads of ketchup.  Bake at 350 for two hours.  Believe me, everybody loves these pork and beans.

Your backyard is key to entertaining during good weather.  In addition to your gas or propane barbeque, you will need plenty of tables and chairs of various sizes to accommodate your family and friends.  If you happen to have a pool, the kids love pool toys.  If not you can buy an inflatable pool just to add some water to the mix.  

Grandparents get to spoil grandchildren.  Sneaking an Oreo cookie that Mom says are illegal is a best kept secret.  Giving an extra scoop of ice cream, also illegal goes over big.  These are the little things grandchildren will remember after we are long gone.  Spending time with family and friends over a three day weekend is an important part of living a great life.  It is all about food and fun.  Doing it a few times a year adds to to the qualify of life.