Sep 9, 2021

Wine A Part Of Daily Living

Most Europeans drink wine as their beverage of choice for lunch and dinner.  Some of the colder countries also drink beers.  More and More Americans have added wine to their daily beverage intake as part of meals at home.  Companies in the US typically frown on drinking any alcoholic beverage during the work day; but in Europe it is common.  My Italian grandfather made his own wine.  He maintained 5 fifty gallon barrels.  Like typical vintners he made his red wine as a blend of Zinfandel and Muscatel grapes.  He would only drink wine that had been aged for five years; hence the five barrels. 

Today, wine is sold on just about every street corner.  Matter of fact, Costco is the biggest seller of wine in the United States.  They offer many great wines at great prices.  Whether buying red or wine wines, you can find good wines at $15 - $25 a bottle that are rated at 88 points are higher.  Whatever you pay, all that matters is that you like the taste. 

Wines should be kept in a dark place at around 56 degrees to maintain the best taste and freshness.  In general, white wines should be drunk within a few years of bottling.  Most red wines can age for years and still be great.  You can buy a wine refrigerator that holds 50 - 75 bottles at Home Depot or Lowes.  Most families would never need anything bigger unless you decide to be a wine collector.  

Wines like everything else are in style or not. Years ago Merlot was the rage; now not so much.  Today, the most popular red wines are Pinot Noirs, Zinfandels, Chianti's and Brunello's.  Of course, there are many others as well.  Chardonnay seems to be the most popular white wine followed by Sauvignon Blanc and again many others.  Rose, which is a light red wine is popular on hot summer days.  

Have fun with wines.  Try the many varieties on the market to determine the ones you like best.  A great glass of wine with dinner makes for a very nice evening with friends.  Red wines in particular, drunk in limited quantities are supposed to be good for the heart.  Naturally, drinking any alcohol in excess is never good.  And, always remember, just because wine is lower in alcohol content than hard liquor driving after drinking several glasses is not a good idea.