Jul 3, 2021

Fire Season Is Here - Time To Act

If you live in an area prone to forest fires, which is many Western States, it is time to act to protect your home.  Any flammable vegetation near your home must be cleared.  And, if you have vegetation that is most combustible, it should be removed and replaced with more fire resistant plants.  Since we have had to evacuate our home more than once given proximity to major fires, we have seen the devastation that can come from fires.

Years ago when we lived in California, a fire began about 20 miles away as the crow flies.  8 hours later it was across the street from our home.  It actually burned another 20 miles all the way to the beach.  People died in that fire.  I sent my wife and son away to lower ground.  I was on my neighbor's roof, since their home was right next to the mountain, hose in hand to water down their roof.  Some friends were on my roof doing the same thing.  I watched as the fire burned down the mountain from two directions with 100 miles an hour winds.  It was pretty terrifying.  

Since our home had a heavy shake wood roof that is now illegal, the fire marshal told us that if one home had caught fire all 700 homes in the tract would have burned because the winds were so strong that it would have been impossible to stop the inferno.  We have actually had to evacuate more than once.  This is serious business.  

If buying or building a home try to buy one with cement eves.  Any exposed wood is a danger because the sparks from a fire that lands on dry wood immediately can cause it to go up in flames.  Years ago, there was a fire in Laguna Beach, California.  The only home on a ridge that survived was one with cement eves. 

And, then there is the need to evacuate when told to do so.  Always be prepared to grab critical documents and valuables with you include photo albums with pictures that cannot be replaced.  If you live in any area prone to fires, it is not a bad idea to have a fire safe file cabinet.  It just might survive a fire.  Most important, be prepared.  Get rid of vegetation that will quickly go up in flames.  When told to evacuate, leave immediately.  Fires are unpredictable and can be at your home within minutes.