Jul 25, 2021

Quality of Life - Family And Friends

Quality of life could mean different things to different people.  For some, it is about shopping, entertainment and restaurants nearby.  For others, maybe it is all about sports, fishing, hiking and camping nearby.  For everybody, quality of life should involve good medical services nearby because as we get older, we will all need medical care of one sort or another.   

Aside from amenities that contribute to quality of life, we all need family and friends nearby to complete the picture.  Reports indicate that people with family and friends regularly in their lives live longer.  That could be because people are social animals.  Human beings need interaction with others to be happy.  I know, I know some people are loners.  They choose to live a solitary life.  The problem is, the day will come when someone needs help.  Crap happens and when it does, it is nice to have family or friends you can depend on.    

In addition to doing things outside the home with family and friends, ultimately our homes are a meeting place bringing people together for meals, life events, parties etc.  And whether we live in a small home or a mansion, making it people friendly is not that hard to do.  Get rid of clutter so there is space for people.  Buy comfortable furniture in and outside to accommodate at least 6 - 10 people at a time.  Cook together.  The old days of Mom being in the kitchen alone doing the cooking to bring it out to a dining room are long over.  Put your guests to work helping to prepare a meal.  It is both fun and makes doing it easier for the hosts.  

Heart is where the home is.  At Paragon we help people sell and buy homes designed for entertaining.  We know that family and friends are the key to a happy life.  Living in a comfortable home whether big or small is part of the story.