Jul 7, 2021

Living In A High Rise Building

There are various cities with 20 or more story residential high rise buildings, whether condos or rentals.   There are a few things to consider if choosing high rise living.  Naturally, people want higher floors for the views.  If there are outside terraces that are part of the dwelling being 20 or more stories up is a little scary or at least it would be to me.  Next, fire truck ladders can only go up 8 stories in the event rescue is ever needed.  Finally, if the power goes down for whatever reason elevators may stop functioning, which means taking the stairs.   Older people especially who may have mobility issues should consider what would happen if they had to take the stairs to escape the building.

High rise living is not for everybody.   HOA fees can be very expensive.  You will pay dearly for all the services that the building may offer.   So the cost is not just about the price of the condo or the rents.  All the add on fees could be substantial.  

Still, there is something to be said for walk in and walk out living.  People who use high rise living as a second home may find it very advantageous.