Jul 27, 2021

High Crime Rates Negatively Impact Property Values

Aside from the threat to life, high crime rates impact property values.  Clearly, given a choice people would not want to buy a home in a neighborhood, or city with a high crime rate.   Fewer buyers means lower prices.   As as a result of some calls to defund the police, which is irrational, we are seeing a crime wave across the country.  Robberies, assaults and murder rates are way up in some of the largest cities in the nation.  

Regardless of your politics, it is time to call on elected leaders of both political parties to take action.  We need more cops on the street and they must be empowered to do their jobs.  This does not mean police brutality or use of force that is unnecessary; but given the criticism cops have faced, they are standing back rather than making arrests.  

This can't be allowed to continue because the murder rate in the United States is sky rocketing in many urban areas.  Also, dumb laws need to be eliminated.  California does not prosecute theft under a $1,000 in goods.  So thieves are going into stores with large plastic bags to steal up to the dollar limit.  Some stores in various areas are closing because the theft is unstainable.  In addition, some jurisdictions release criminals with no bail.  So crooks and murderers are back on the street the next day after an arrest.  This has to stop.

All Neighborhoods should have Neighborhood Watch to assist the cops with preventing crime.  High crime should be everyone's concern.  Aside from the threats to personal safety, it is costing people money.  Theft results in higher prices.  And high crime rates absolutely impact property values.