Jul 8, 2021

Top 10 Best States To Retire

Bankrate, a consumer financial services company, has published its list of the Top 10 States to retire.  Their findings are based on affordability, wellness, culture, weather and crime rates.  Some on the list may surprise you.   The states are in order:

1. Georgia

2. Florida

3. Tennessee

4. Missouri

5. Massachusetts

6. Wyoming

7. Arizona

8. Ohio

9. Indiana

10. Kentucky

It is important to recognize that these states come out on top based on scoring of the factors indicated.  Obviously, some of these states are in cold places, which would be a disqualifier for many older people.  And then there is the personal family factor that is not a consideration.  Very often people want to live close to their grandchildren. In any case, retired people are moving to some of these states by the thousands every year and for all the reasons indicated.