Jun 6, 2021

Are You A Hoarder - Warning Signs

If you have things all over your home sitting on tables, the floor, furniture etc., it could be a warning sign that you are a hoarder.  It has to be one of three things.  First, maybe you don't have enough storage for the things you own.  So, you have a choice, build more storage in the garage or where ever you can put it.  Or, if that is not possible, it is time to get rid of a lot of stuff.  Second, your home is just too small for your family.  If you have more things that can possibly fit in the closets, or cabinets, maybe you need a bigger home to accommodate your family.  Third, you are a hoarder and that will not change if you build more storage or you buy a bigger home because you will just fill the new space.  If that is the case, you may need help dealing with your obsession to keep adding to your things.  

Let's first start with the financial impact of having more things than you need.  If you are still buying things you don't need, you are trading dollars for things that eventually will end up at a garage sale, or donated to charity.  Why do it.  Save the money.  Put more in your 401K or other investments.  Most things don't appreciate in value.  They depreciate.  Whatever you pay for something, it is worth less the minute you turn over the dollars.  Why waste your money.  

Next is the health impact of hoarding.  Clutter attracts mold, dust and dust mites.  Your family is breathing the air in your home.  You could be living in a hazardous waste zone that can impact allergies and infections.   You can't fix this unless you get rid of the piles of things.  The rule needs to be if it does not fit in a closet or cabinet, you have too much stuff that could be impacting your health.  This is also applicable to all the toys kids tend to have these days.  For every new toy that comes in, two should go out.  So, look around.  If I am describing your home, maybe you need to take action.  

At Paragon Home Resources, we can recommend companies that will help you get rid of stuff.  Many things can be donated for a tax write off.  Other things that are just junk have to go.  Trust me, you will feel better if the clutter is gone from your home.