Jun 1, 2021

Working From Home - People Can Live Anywhere

The trend of people working from home was happening before Covid; but after Covid when many people began working from home that had not done so before, the trend just further accelerated.  Since the technology is there to allow people to work from anywhere, more and more of them are choosing the life style they want and moving at their own cost.  In many cases, they are moving from high cost cities and states to lower cost cities and states where home ownership is more affordable.  

They are also escaping the high taxes and cost of living in states like California, New York and Illinois, which often provides an automatic salary increase by just crossing a state line.   It just makes sense.   The availability of Zoom meetings making working from anywhere easy.  This blogger recently did a Zoom meeting with client contacts and our employees based in Sweden, France, Singapore, Texas and Nevada.  We also did a Best and Final Presentation by Zoom that went very well.  In the old days, we would have all jumped on airplanes at considerable cost and time resources for an hour or two meeting.  Today, with all of us working from home, we had successful meetings for an hour that achieved our objectives.  Business life will never be the same again.  

If considering a move, it is really important to do your homework.  Make sure the city and state you are choosing has all the amenities that are important to you and your family.  At Paragon Home Resources, we work with families to sell and buy homes all over the country.  We can assist with your life decisions by providing information and an unbiased sounding board to help you choose just the right location and home.