Jun 10, 2021

Rooting In A New City - Do It Fast

Many people are moving from areas they may have lived in for years to new areas across the country.  Sometimes these are people retiring moving from cold places to warm places.  In other cases, younger people who can work from home are choosing to move from high cost, high tax states to lower cost, lower tax states.  The reason for the move does not matter.  What does matter is that once moved, people need to root fast in order adjust to the new area.  

Some things are obvious.  If you are on Medicare Medigap or Advantage Plans, your current health insurance may not be applicable in the new state.  You may need to change medical insurance companies.  Once done, you will need to find a doctor, dentist etc. to deal with medical issues.  If you have chronic illnesses, you may also need to identify specialists covered under your health care plan.  But beyond the basic stuff, unless lots of relatives are nearby and even if they are close, you will need new friends to replace the people you left behind in the old location to begin a great life in the new location. 

Friends matter so join clubs, or maybe a church or temple.  If you can, buy in an area with HOA or other Club facilities.  Most important, jump right in and get involved.  As soon as you get your home settled, knock on your neighbor's doors to introduce your family.  There will be neighbors that are not good options; but there will be others that will welcome you with open arms.  Life is what we make it.  Choose to makes yours a great life.  Don't be shy.  Other people are always looking for new friends too.