Jun 5, 2021

Living In A Cold Climate - Not So Good

We moved to California from Ohio when I was 8 years old.  When we lived in Ohio, I remember my father and grandmother arguing over whether to use hot or warm water on my frozen little hands one winter after coming in from outside.  Now that my wife and I live in Reno, Nevada while the weather is pretty moderate, we do experience some cold months usually in January or February, when we can get several feet of snow at our 6,000 foot elevation.  I hate it, so we try not to be there in those months.  If we are there, I usually have to get the guys to come and clear my driveway at least enough so we can get a car out of the garage.  

I don't know how people live in cold climates with months of snow and bleak weather.  At least in Reno, we get 300 days of sunshine a year and blue skies even if it is chilly outside.  I guess this is the reason many people facing retirement move from cold places to warm places.  People in the Mid West seem to like Arizona or Nevada.  People in the Northeast usually head to Florida.   The snow is especially hard and dangerous for older people because of the possibility of slipping on the ice often causing a fall, which is the single biggest source of accidents for older people. 

Getting out of the cold into a warmer place in retirement makes perfect sense.  Millions of people do it every year, which is why states like Florida, the Carolinas, Nevada, Texas and Arizona continue to grow and many cold states continue to shrink.  At Paragon Home Resources we work with people to sell and buy homes.  We are helping many implement this migration with one point of contact assistance, which includes dealing with all the services needed to accomplish a move.  Just go to paragonhomeresources.com to see what we can do for you.