Jun 22, 2021

Pets In The Home & Other Smells

Many people love dogs and cats and some actually have them as substitutes for children, or even spouses once gone.   The only problem is that animals create lingering smells in the home.  Animal lovers don't smell those smells anymore because they get used to them; but anybody else walking into a home will observe the smell immediately.  This is one of the reasons landlords often do not allow pets.  They know that the smell permeates carpets, drapes etc.  

If someone is planning on selling a home best to put pets someplace else and do a deep clean while the sale is in progress including the yard.  There are buyers that will walk right in and walk right out if they smell pets.  

Next, there are certain spices that are very strong.  Cooking with those spices on a regular basis will be in the air, carpets and drapes.  Cigarette smoke is a problem too.  The fact is that any offensive smells are a real negative when trying to sell a home.  Even with a deep clean, it is sometimes difficult to get rid of certain offensive smells.  People have actually had to paint, re-carpet their home and buy all new drapes to end the odors.  Just FYI, listing your home for sale is about dealing with any objections that buyers may have.  Right now, it is a sellers market; but it will not always be that way.  Dealing with offensive smells should be right at the top of the list when getting your home ready for sale.