Jun 6, 2021

National Electric Power Grid Is At Risk - The Two Week Rule

Given the cyber attacks we have recently seen,  the odds are pretty good that cyber terrorists will attack our electric grid sometime soon.  All people in our country should count on it.  So, the question is are you ready to do without electricity for days or weeks.   Everything we take for granted will stop if we lose power.  That includes everything in your home, heating, air conditioning, lights, refrigerators, stoves without a match to light the gas assuming the gas is still happening, TV's, computers etc.  Outside our homes, stores, gas stations, banks etc. will all be closed unless they have huge generators allowing them to operate, which is doubtful.  

So, you can only control what you can control.  Maybe it makes sense to buy a generator that will at least power your refrigerator, heating and some lighting.  Short of that have plenty of batteries on hand to power lighting if nothing else.  Canned food, which can include things like Chicken, Tuna etc can provide food for a while.  If you have pets, pet food is pretty easy to have on hand.  Assume at least two weeks of inability to go to a grocery store to buy food.  

And, you should also have two weeks of bottled water on hand.  It is possible that water will be gone too because it could be based on pumps that are not working.   Think through everything you would need to last two weeks in your home without power.  Don't think this can't happen because it already has happened many times related to natural disasters.  Assume the two week rule.  We may be on own for two weeks.