May 6, 2021

Falling A Big Problem For Seniors

Those 65 and older must do everything they can to avoid falling because it is the biggest cause of serious accidents.  That means wearing sensible shoes no matter how they look.  And, specific to the home, it means getting rid of throw rugs and making sure that there are clear walking paths within the home. Showers and baths should all have grab bars to prevent slipping when bathing.  Those are the things that can be controlled in a living environment.   

However, there are many things that can't be controlled outside the living environment that require vigilance.  Cracks in side walks or other surfaces are a real problem.  If not paying attention, it is very easy to trip and fall because of an uneven surfaces.  We can all be distracted; but when walking outdoors in any setting, it is important to look down and survey the surroundings.  When going for long walks for exercise, using a walking stick is a good idea for balance.

Falling can cause a sequence of events from broken legs and hips requiring surgery and sometimes very long painful recoveries.  In a worst case scenario, falling can cause hitting the head on the ground, which can even result in death.  Falling is the chief cause that Seniors end up in assisted living and or nursing homes.  At all cost, Seniors must avoid falling.  It means taking necessary precautions to making falling less likely.  An ounce of prevention can help avoid pounds of pain.