May 17, 2021

Renovations That Pay Off

Everybody knows that renovations of kitchens and bathrooms return the most on the investment; but that assumes that you choose wisely.  We are starting to see people install tiles with wild patterns and or choose cabinets in various colors other than wood tones or white.  These choices can be risky when it comes time to sell your home and they often look dated sooner.  It is best to stay with neutral tones and or tiles or flooring that is not too busy with patterns.  

Ceramic wood looking tile has become very popular.  It looks like wood in various types and colors; but it is easier to care for and definitely more kid or pet friendly.  The cost is about the same as real wood; but since it is easier to care for and will last longer without a major refinish needed, it could be more cost effective.  If buying any kind of ceramic tile make sure the glaze is not just on the surface because the cheaper tiles when they chip will show a clay color underneath.  So spending a bit more is better. 

If you go neutral which is best, you can always express you style and need for color with all sorts of accessories and color in furniture.  These things are not permanent and can be changed easily whenever you feel the need for a refresh in look.  Renovations can be very expensive so it really is best that you choose wisely with tiles and flooring that will stand the test of time.  Spend a little more on upscale appliances to get that gourmet kitchen that everybody loves.  That will be money well spent.