May 1, 2021

Mom Moving In For Elder Care Assistance

In some cases, an aging parent, usually Mom ends up moving in with one of the children, usually a daughter if there are multiple siblings.  It is usually Mom because more often than not Dad dies first.  As millions of Baby Boomers turn 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day for the next 15 - 20 years, we could start to see more and more of this multi generational living.  

The implications are huge.  Let's start with the home or physical space that may be needed to support Mom.  Generally, Mom's bedroom preferably with private bath needs to be on the first floor because steps are not a good idea.  Builders today are building homes with mother-in-law suites to accommodate this very scenario.  However, if an existing home, it will have to be made retirement friendly to accommodate Mom.  Renovations to get the job done can be expensive, but still much cheaper than senior care communities. 

Next is the care needed itself.  If Mom is still living independently then minimal extra care may be needed.  If not, then perhaps some level of home care could be required.  This can range from assistance with bathing to home health care services.  Again, various levels of home care are likely to be less expensive than a senior living community.

Mom moving in for elder care assistance is a viable option; but without some level of home care, it could be an incredible burden on the family.  In many instances, husbands and wives are still working.  So attempting to take care of Mom at home requires some good thinking as to what is feasible and what could be impossible.