May 10, 2021

Safety and Security Are Critical To Home Values

Some facts are undeniable.  Safety and Security are critical to home values.  There is no doubt that homes in areas with lower crime rates sell for more than homes in areas with higher crime rates.  So this notion of defunding the police, no matter what the political implications would have a serious impact on home values.  Without a strong police presence, crime rates go up.  It really is pretty simple.  When that happens, home values go down.  

So aside from feeling safe and secure if you care about your home value, support Neighborhood Watch Programs.  Get involved in your community.  Support the police to the extent that the police have the resources and training they need to get the job done.   The notion that calling 911 could result in having a Social Worker show up when a crime is being committed is ridiculous.  That is not to say that Social Workers may not be needed to deal with various community issues, but if a crime is being committed, we need a cop on the beat.  

Next, do your part. Secure your home.  Get an alarm system.  They are relatively cheap and easy to install.  Make it harder for a thief or someone worse to make you a victim.  Make sure there is good lighting around your property.  Thieves love to work in dark places.  The more light, the more safety.  Safety and Security are Critical to Home Values.   It just as true as the real estate adage that value is determined by Location, Location, Location.