May 6, 2021

The Golden Girls Is A Good Thing

On average in the United States men die at 76, women at 81.  The odds are pretty good that a woman will outlive her husband and sometimes by many years.  While there is always a grieving period when either spouse dies, women seem to be more adaptable when they find themselves single again.  Of course, another marriage is always an option; but more often than not Senior widowed, or divorced women often develop very close friendships.  

The Golden Girl modality is real.  Provided a woman is still healthy, this is the time when women take trips together, go out to dinners and generally have a second chance at living a great life.  And, why not.  There are many studies that show that interaction with other people is the key to feeling good.  Certainly, emotional health is improved by being with other people.  

Many women join clubs and find reasons to be with other people.  Since the husband is often out of the picture by the time a woman is 75 or older,  all of a sudden someone else does not figure into day to day decisions.   Women find new freedom once their husbands are gone.  That is not to say that life together may not have been wonderful; but it is to say that maybe for the first time in years, a woman can do what she wants to do when she wants to do it without any other concerns.  

Most important, women, whether widowed or divorced should take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life.  Why not?