May 19, 2021

Home Is For Friends And Family

Whether you live in a Tiny Home or a Mansion, home is for friends and family otherwise what is the point.  Make your home user friendly so when you invite guests in they feel welcome.   That could mean comfortable indoor and outdoor furniture in warm inviting colors with lots of throw pillows.  If your furniture is stiff and cold looking, it says go away rather than come on in.  People need to feel welcome in your home to enjoy their time with you.  

We often have friends over for heavy appetizers that end up being dinner.  And, of course there is wine; but it could be soft drinks and coffee.  Years ago, we used to have big parties.  We don't do that much anymore.  Instead, we confine our get together's to no more than 6 people so that we can have good interaction.  

And, don't forget about neighbors.  Very often people live in a home for years and don't even know their neighbors.  Neighbors can become really good friends and often when something comes up when you require help, neighbors are nearest by to pitch in.  You won't like all of them; but you will like some of them.  Have an appetizer pot luck and invite them over. 

People who interact with other people whether family or friends tend to be happiest and actually live longer.  You don't need a huge circle of friends; but a big enough group that regular interaction is fun.  Don't be afraid to ask people to be part of your life.  You will get what you give.