May 2, 2021

Moving To Second Or Third Tier Cities

Many people are moving to second or third tier cities in the United States to get away from clogged freeways and other big city problems.  This is especially true now because the technology is there to allow people to work from home.  However, in choosing one of the smaller cities, do your homework.  One of the biggest drawbacks is medical services and availability.  There are just not enough doctors in many of these smaller cities and that shortage is likely to get worse as many doctors retire.

Certainly, anyone over the age of 65 will need access to good medical care that will only become more needed as someone grows older.  Any one with a serious or chronic illness of any age may face the same issues.  Shopping is really not a problem, since these days just about anything can be ordered on line.  Access to all foods and medicines are available in most smaller cities.   There will be less things to do in smaller cities.  Generally, there are fewer high end restaurants for those that are Foodie's.

Perhaps the best compromise is to be an hour or so away from a major city.  So that means moving out to suburbs that may be far enough away to avoid big city problems; but close enough that good medical care is accessible when needed. 

At Paragon Home Resources, we work with people to sell and buy homes anywhere in the country.  We can assist with life decisions by providing pertinent information to determine those locations that could work best for the long term.