Apr 27, 2021

Buying A Home Alarm System

Unless you live in a gated community and even then maybe it makes sense to have an alarm system.   The good news is that prices have come way down and installation is easy.  Some alarm companies basically give the system away in order to get the monthly fee, which may range from $30 to $50 a month.  The only downside is false alarms.  If you leave your home and forget to turn off the alarm before you open the door to go out, if the police come after the first call or two, they will begin charging you for false alarms.  Depending on the locale, it could be $150 to $250 for a false alarm.

Certainly, if you live in or near a high crime area having an alarm system can provide an added measure of security.  Some of them are also tied to life alert systems for older people should you fall and not be able to get back up.  Further, if you travel a lot and your home is left with no one in it for weeks or months at a time, an alarm system just may prevent a robbery.

And, the real issue is violent crime.  Older people in particular are targets.  Many who commit robberies are on drugs.  These are not stable individuals.  They would kill to get money to buy drugs. Sadly, it happens all too often.  Older women living alone are their best targets.  Short of owning a gun for self protection, which many people feel compelled to do, an alarm system is just an added, cost effective measure of additional protection.  Any more, we can't always count on 911.  Many police departments are short of cops, so the next best thing is an alarm system to provide some peace of mind.