Apr 15, 2021

Making New Friends After Moving

What we have discovered from the Covid Pandemic is just how much our family and friends mean to each of us.  Social isolation has led to all sorts of problems in the last year.  So when people move away from family and friends, it is really important that new friends take their place in the new location as quickly as possible.  That means finding things in common with other people to make acquaintances.  

Some communities have Welcome Wagon groups.  The easiest way to meet new friends is to buy into a master planned community that has a recreational facility and all sorts of organized clubs.  Of course, it is possible to join a country club; but more expensive.  The least expensive way to meet new friends is to join a church, temple or mosque.  In that case, people have their faith in common. 

Most important, it is critical to understand that new friends don't just happen.  It could take years for people who are shy and not very talkative to make new friends.  That is why joining groups centered around activities in common is the best way to meet new people.  Further, in some ways hanging on to old friends in the old location as a crutch, not that old relationships should be abandoned, but they can be somewhat counter productive.   Those old friend interactions can actually impede the need to have social interaction with new friends.

Rooting in a new location is all about making new friends.  The sooner you just jump right in, the happier you will be.