Apr 12, 2021

Living In A Desert Climate

Many times people who live in a desert climate try to bring a little bit of back home with them; planting grass and other water hungry plants.  That is not a good idea especially since many of these cities like Las Vegas are low on water.  It is a whole smarter to embrace desert landscaping.  If you must have grass or something green in some patches, there is artificial grass that works just fine.  But otherwise, planting succulents, cactus and desert tolerant trees and bushes are the way to go. 

And, of course, all of it requires a drip system so that not one one drop of water is wasted in sprinkler spray or run off.  Where there are no plants, rocks come in various sizes and colors to complete the job. Stay away from small grain sands that blow away in the wind.  Go with gravel size, or larger rocks. 

There are a wide variety of flowering trees and bushes that complement cactus, which also flower.  Bougainvillea, that come in many colors do particularly well in desert climates.   These bushes grow large as a hedge to cover an entire wall, or can be trimmed into bushes.   Either way, the flowers are very attractive when in bloom.  

Living in the desert does not have to be drab or boring.  Fortunately, lots of flowering plants and trees can create a really beautiful environment that is stingy on water.