Apr 2, 2021

Selling Your Home For Sale By Owner - Think Twice

Often people look to save real estate commissions by selling their homes, For Sale By Owner.  Unless you have a friend or relatives interested in buying your home, it may not be the best idea.  Once you put that sign on your front lawn, people you don't know will begin knocking at your door. These could be crooks looking to get into your home to case it out for a robbery.  Or, they could just be nosey lookie lou's interested in seeing your home; in other words, not serious buyers.

Real Estate Agents provide a valuable service.  In addition to exposing your home on the multiple list as the best way to find a qualified buyer, they screen potential buyers.  They don't waste time on lookie lou's and or people that can't possible purchase your home.  They know who they are showing your home to before an appointment is ever made.  Further, they will be there to negotiate the best price and terms and then coordinate the closing through the escrow or title company.  Most important, you don't have a sale until the sale closes and money changes hands.

The agent is there to make sure that the sale closes because otherwise their commission is never paid.  So, the agent is motivated to make the deal happen and to close the sale.  Selling a home and moving is stressful enough.  So before you consider For Sale By Owner, think twice.  It is better to  hire a professional to get the job done for you.

At Paragon Home Resources, we have worked with families all over the United States to sell and buy homes.  We work with the best real estate agents in the local market to get the job done.  And, clients that come through us receive a cash back reward once the sale closes.  We assist with negotiating the best price so that in the end our clients benefit from our assistance.