Apr 23, 2021

Keep It Simple In Retirement

Many people have big homes in retirement because they can afford them; but is it a smart thing to do.  There is a saying in the senior community industry that older people are just one fall away from moving into a senior community.   And, it has become clear to this blogger that not everyone lives to be 90.  In fact, life span in the US for men on average is 76 and for women is 81.  By the time we are 70, maybe it really is time to downsize, not because we have to, but because it is just planning ahead. 

There is something to the idea of keeping things simple in retirement.  Living in a one story home, perhaps in a gated community with lots of amenities both within the gates and nearby will allow older people to live independently longer.  Having less to maintain is a good thing.  So homes built on smaller lots with just enough patio to enjoy outside without being overwhelmed by it makes perfect sense. 

So what size home is ideal.  That really depends on family and friend visits.  If family and friends are  not local and they will be coming to visit, then maybe having additional guest bedrooms is a good idea.  Having bathrooms for each bedroom is always a plus.   Many people today want a home office, or den for a desk and some storage.  And, there is always storage that can be built in a garage that comes in handy.

Most important is proximity to medical services and good hospitals as nearby as possible.  It has become pretty obvious to me that the more we own the more things we must maintain.  So maybe owning less stuff is a good thing.