Apr 17, 2021

Time To Get Computer Smart At Home

For some people over 65 years old that never used a computer during work, they learned real fast just trying to set up an appointment for a Covid shot that it was next to impossible to do so without computer connectivity.  They often had to rely on family or friends to make the appointment.  Things are actually getting worse just to deal with daily life without computer connectivity.  

Companies like airlines, banks, utilities and many others have so limited their call centers to make it impossible to speak to a human being that the only way to access their products or services is by computer connectivity.  This is a real problem for older people who do not have computers, nor the skills to use them.  Further, computer connectivity means having the Internet, which is not cheap.  Companies that have virtually eliminated their call center connections to their customers to employ fewer people have in essence shifted the cost to the consumer.  

In some cases, teaching an old dog new tricks just doesn't work.  Computer applications often involve intuitive knowledge, or experience that comes from use.  It is easy to see why some older people just will not be able to develop computer skills.  My mother had problems just using the remote control of her TV so much so that she just left the TV on one station.  On the other, hand there are people that can take some basic classes and at least learn enough to use the Internet.  Though I must say that I have worked with computers for years and had to have my bank walk me through their on line banking system just to show me where to look to access the information I needed.  Eventually, through trial and error, I figured it out. 

For older people that just can't master a computer and or can't afford the Internet, they will have to rely on family and or friends to do things for them.  That means providing them credit card numbers, social security numbers, driver's license numbers etc. that are often required to get things done.  There is often no other way.