Apr 4, 2021

Living Life Outdoors

Now that warmer weather is coming our way, people love living life outdoors.   It might relate to our primal past.  This could involve a simple barbeque and a few lounge chairs, or elaborate outdoor kitchens and all sort of outdoor furniture.  Backyards have become an oasis especially including a resort style pool and spa.  The backyard has become an extension of the home's interior like never before. 

More expensive homes often have glass sliding doors that open up indoor space to outdoor space.  Areas that have bugs in summer often have homes with screened in patios, or in some places like Florida, the entire pool area can be covered by a screened in enclosure.  This is to rid the backyard of those mosquitos that everybody hates.

People are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to make their backyards into incredible entertainment spaces like never before.  Often heaters are added to allow for cooler nights so that using the space in climates where when the sun goes down so do the temperatures.  These can be portable propane, or natural gas or electric installed in the ceilings of patio covers.   And, then there is lighting entire backyards to extend entertainment into the night.

All of this can be very simple, or incredibly extensive and expensive.  The backyard has clearly become a way to make even a small home much bigger as homeowners see the backyard as a place for entertaining family and friends.