Apr 8, 2021

Living In A Motor Home

There are presumably retired people choosing to live in a fancy motor home.  They follow the sun so to speak and move their motor home to camps with great weather through out the year either as their second home or even only home.  It certainly would not be my cup of tea, but I can see some advantages.  I suspect the big fancy motor homes must cost $200,000 or more; though smaller ones would cost less.  It probably would be necessary to tow at least a small car because once you are parked in a camp site, using the motor home to get around is not too practical. 

There are places like Quartzsite in Arizona about 20 miles from the California border that fills up with motor homes, thousands of them, from December - April.  Presumably these are snowbirds coming from cold places that winter in Arizona.  The nearest town is Blight, California and it is not much of a town.  Phoenix is three hours away driving time.  So for serious medical and or shopping or any other amenity it would mean a long drive or helicopter ride. 

Anyone considering this life style really needs to be closer to good medical in particular in case crap happens.  So getting closer into a big city would make more sense.  There are many camp sites all over the country that could accommodate this life style.  Choose wisely in case crap happens.