Mar 11, 2021

Choosing A State For Retirement

If you plan to move from a cold place to a warm place when you retire, do your homework.  All states have pluses and minuses.  Florida is high on the list; but as it turns out as many move out as move in.  Florida is very humid many months of the year, has hurricanes in areas near the coast and bugs that they call palmetto bugs; but they are really just big cockroaches.   If you do buy in Florida make sure your home is built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane if you are anywhere near a coast.  That will probably mean a newer home built with cement block construction.  

And, while everybody likes to be near water, it could come with a surge during a hurricane that could destroy your home.  It could be that areas further inland are safer.   However, anywhere there is fresh water, there is a chance that alligators could be lurching around.  So fencing may be needed to protect pets and small children.  Either way, you will need regular bug spraying monthly because humid climate means more bugs. 

And, then there is Arizona.  No hurricanes.  You will get an occasional dust storm; but they don't destroy homes.  8 months of wonderful weather; but 4 months of very hot usually dry weather.  There could be an occasional scorpion, but manageable with regular bug spraying.  Greater Phoenix has everything.  Medical, sports, universities, entertainment, shopping etc.  Homes at all prices ranges.  There is traffic especially when the snowbirds are all in town; but every big city has traffic.  Personally, though I like the greenery of Florida and there is no personal income tax in Florida, which is a plus, the desert can by beautiful too.  

The Carolinas are nice.  Lots of golf resorts.  Less chance of hurricanes.  Still humid with bugs.  If moving to Texas,  I would avoid Houston that has experienced devastating hurricanes and also very humid.  Dallas, though with lots of traffic, is better.   Austin is a great city, very liberal, but about 20% more expensive than Dallas.  

Lots to choose from in deciding on a place to retire.  But do you homework.  Moving can be expensive so you will only want to do it once.  At Paragon Home Resources, we work with families to sell and buy homes anywhere in the country.  We assist families with life decisions.   We can help you sort through the pluses and minuses of any state.