Mar 5, 2021

Finding Reputable Home Repair Contractors

There are many scam artists purporting to provide "expert"  home repair services.  Be careful.  First, only do business with companies and or people that are licensed.  Next, get recommendations from friends and neighbors.   This Blogger likes to use to source home repair experts.  Thus far, we have been very happy with the resources they have provided.  

But in some markets, companies just are not available particularly to do small jobs because of the building boom that is going on.  We waited months to find a roofer available to do a small repair job.  If you purchase home repair insurance, they will send out a repair man usually within a few days; but not always.  Home Repair insurance companies will tell you that they will either repair the appliance, after you have paid a deductible, or replace it.  Not quite.  

What this Blogger has found is that in the event of replacement, the home repair insurance companies often seek to do a money settlement that is not necessarily based on the cost to actually replace what you currently own.  This is a problem particularly if your appliances are high end.   And, you could spend hours on the phone seeking a resolution to the claim.  This is why some of these companies have lots of complaints and bad ratings.  

Finding reputable home repair contractors is not always easy.   Electricians and plumbers are busy.  If you develop long term relationships with companies that you can rely on, stick with them.  You might pay a little more for their dependability; but it is worth it.