Mar 25, 2021

Preparing For A Natural Disaster

Since we happened to be in Dallas when the tornado sirens went off as lightening, buckets of rain and  golf ball sized hail came down, I could not help but think of being prepared for a natural disaster.  Unfortunately, most homes in Dallas, which is in tornado alley do not have basements so about the best we could do was hunker down in the middle of the house away from windows.  Fortunately, the electricity never went out because all utilities where we were are underground.  

But clearly since various parts of the country experience floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes everyone should be prepared for a natural disaster that can strike at any time.  It means having lots of battery powered lighting; not candles that can cause fires, storing plenty of water in case the water system goes out and maybe even having canned goods to last a week.

Being prepared for a natural disaster is the best way to avoid days of hardship.  And, even so having an evacuation plan if the need arises to leave the area is a pretty good idea too.   We have lived though major earthquakes in California along with fires across the street from our home in both California and Nevada.  We have had to evacuate.  It can be a pretty scary time; but good planning in advance makes it a bit easier.