Mar 2, 2021

Home Entertainment Systems - Cheaper Than Ever

It used to cost thousands of dollars to install high tech home entertainment equipment to replicate the movie theater experience.  Covid aside, there is no reason to go to a movie theater every again spending $20 for a ticket and $25 for popcorn and a drink.   Now we can enjoy movies On Demand, or by Netflix in our homes on a big screen flat screen TV attached to a great sound system that provides all the feel of going to a movie theater for $1,000 - $2,000.   

Just don't go too crazy.   Flat screen TV's now come up to 85 inches or more.   It take a big room to handle an 85 inch TV.  Odds are pretty good that 65 inches is plenty big.  You can attach a wireless sound system to it that will give you surround sound.  That's it.  You are done except for the popcorn and snacks.  You can purchase movies from your cable station or Netflix pretty cheap.  

No looking for parking at the movie theater, or dealing with night time traffic or weather.  You just need comfortable seating in your great room or bonus room.   So you can have your date night at home with your spouse, family and friends.    If you want, have dinner brought in.  Pizza is always great.  Keep it simple.  Now this is not good for the movie theater industry; but Covid and trends that were happening anyway has changed everything.  You can have great home entertainment at your finger tips.  Go for it. Enjoy your home.