Mar 8, 2021

Selling Your Home - Pet & Other Odors & Clutter

If you are planning on listing your home for sale, you need to be aware that there could be odors in your home that you may not smell anymore.  Without a doubt, if you own indoor pets, dog and cat odor is there.  And, you may be cooking with certain spices that also permeate carpet, drapes, furniture, even your walls etc.  If these are the case, you will need to have professionals come in to do a deep clean of your home.  That probably means having your pets stay with a friend, or even in boarding afterward if necessary to prevent the odor from coming back.

And, if you cook with a lot of strong spices, like cumin, garlic and others that are now present in your home; after the deep clean, you must cease and desist.  Strong odors are a real turn off to buyers.  If they smell those strong odors even if they are pet lovers, they may walk in and walk right out.  

Further, if you are a hoarder even if a neat hoarder, it is time to get rid of stuff including furniture that you may not want after a move to make rooms look bigger.  Years ago, we viewed a condo and the woman was a collector of everything bunny.  There were all sorts of rabbits all over the home including on the stairs going up to the second floor.  It was a though the rabbits had multiplied times a thousand.  Her real estate agent should have told her that the rabbits had to be boxed to show the home, but that just did not happen.  It was impossible to actually see the home.  We walked in and walked right out.  

Selling a home means getting rid of any negative that a buyer may not like.  If your walls are painted in various colors; maybe painting them a neutral color is a good idea.  The buyer needs to be able to picture their things in your home.  And, if there are smells that are offensive, it is very hard to get that picture.  

At Paragon Home Resources, we work with families to sell and buy homes all over the country.  We can offer advice on things you can do to make your home the most marketable to get the highest price possible.  It starts with the easy stuff like getting rid of odors and clutter.