Mar 1, 2021

Pro's & Con's Of Owning A Home With A Pool

Anyone considering buying a home with a pool, or thinking of putting one in should see it as a luxury expense.   The cost of maintaining a pool will add to monthly water, gas, electricity and other maintenance costs.  Assume an extra $200 - $300 a month depending on the size of the pool.  It is possible to put in solar heating of the pool; but that addition will cost thousands of dollars.  The real question is how often will the pool be used and does it makes sense for the area you live in if it has a short window to actually use the pool.  

In warm places with an extended season to use the pool, the pool may add value to your home.  In places with a short season, the pool could actually be a determent to finding a buyer, since many would not want the expense of a pool.  In those case, the pool probably would not add value to your home.  In many instances, it could be best to belong to a home owner's association, or other Club that provides a pool as part of the dues structure.  This would provide access to a pool without the personal additional expense and upkeep. 

Think long and hard before buying a house with a pool and or putting one in.  If the pool will only be used a few times a year, it might be best to consider other alternatives.  At Paragon Home Resources, we work with families to sell and buy homes.   We can help you decide if a pool is right for your family by going through all the options and potential additional expenses.