Mar 31, 2021

Snowbirds Often Flee Cold Places in the Winter

Very often retired people that live in cold places spend their winters in Arizona or Florida.  The high season in terms of rental homes in these states is December - April.  And, nicer homes in great golf course gated communities with country club amenities usually book as much a year in advance.  Snowbirds can expect to pay $3,500 to perhaps as much as $20,000 a month during high season depending on location, home size and proximity to the beach etc.  Further many owners require multiple months during high season of at least 3 months. 

Usually most of the monies are paid upfront, sometimes in two or three payments, but for sure all in advance at least a month before move in.  If the tenant cancels any time in the process, monies are forfeited unless the landlord is able to secure another renter for the same time period.  That is often not a problem because highly desirable homes in great areas usually experience demand from last minute renters who did not book months in advance.  But it rarely happens unless there was some medical emergency.  Snowbirds love their snowbird rentals.  

Renting for the cold months from an expense standpoint can make more sense than buying a second home for the months selected.  Rents are typically all inclusive and include access to the club or recreation facilities,  utilities, trash, cable, WIFI, gardener etc.  And, these homes are fully outfitted so all the tenant needs to do is move in with the clothes they plan to wear during their stay.   It is no muss no fuss.  

So for a lump sum of money buying three or four months during winter can be much cheaper than actually owning a second home that will not be used for most months of the year.  This usually works very well for retired people that have family back home with grandchildren they want to be close to for most of the year.  You can find homes for rent on snowbird websites.  There are thousands available in both Arizona, Florida and other states.