Mar 8, 2021

Cooking Does Not Need To Take All Day - The Kitchen Matters

We Italians instinctually know how to cook.  It is in our genes.  That is why having a great kitchen is really important to us.  But, what I have found is that you can spend all day cooking a great meal, or you can figure out the quick and easy way to get the job done.   I like to make great soups and meatballs that do take time to achieve perfection.  However, there are other meals that I have figured out how do in 30 - 60 minutes tops.  

One example is Ciopinno, which is really a delicious fish stew.   Normally, if made taking hours, it requires fresh shrimp, lobster, clams all with shells, calamari and any other fish you can throw in.  Usually, it is made with white wine and a spicy tomato sauce all from scratch.  Or, you can use my quick and easy recipe.  Go to Trader Joe's if you are lucky enough to have one in your area; or sometimes a good market will do.  They have frozen fish, shrimp, seafood mix, scallops, langostino, which is like lobster.  Buy a couple of cans of clams.  Throw is some diced boneless cod or other fish.  Defrost them all if frozen by just running under cold water.  Sauté the mixture for a few minutes in olive oil and garlic to half cook.

Add a large bottle of cheap Sauvignon Blanc wine and two bottles of spicy tomato sauce right in the big frying pan, any brand will do.  Cook for about 30 minutes and you are done.  You can eat this as a fish stew soup with crusty Italian bread, or use the mixture over linguini.   Trust me, it is just as delicious as if you had spent hours making it.  

While you don't need a gourmet kitchen to make this dish, having a fully equipped kitchen with the right pots and pans always helps.  The kitchen is the most important room in the house.  At Paragon Home Resources, we work with families to sell and buy homes and the kitchen is always high on the priority list when choosing a new home.