Mar 7, 2021

Enjoying Your Home - Things To Do

A side effect of the Covid Pandemic has been people spending far more time in their homes, either working from home, or being forced to stay home because so many stores and restaurants were closed.  Maybe that has been a good thing, since the expense of your home is already baked into your budget.  And, just maybe it should continue; by making your home a place for a staycation.  Look around your home.  Is it time to buy some new furniture that is more comfortable and better for entertaining.  Putting in a high end entertainment system with a big flat screen TV has never been more affordable. 

But let's go further,  If it is not already an oasis, you can make your yard an extension of your home by adding lush landscaping, comfortable furniture, a great barbeque, heaters and a portable fire pit.  Further if you live in a buggy climate in the spring and summer, maybe adding a screened in patio would extend the use of your yard.  You would be adding value to your home so it is a good investment.  

And, then there are the simple things; like playing cards with friends and family or playing board games.  Don't forget the toy box for when the grandchildren come over to entertain them too.  You will find that doing these things creates a lot of fun and laughter.   As the saying goes, "the heart is where the home is".   Your home is not just a place to eat and sleep.  It should be a friend and family gathering place.    

At Paragon Home Resources, we work with families to sell and buy just the right home.  Now more than ever, owning the right home has become even more important.