Jan 16, 2021

Adjusting To Being Empty Nesters

When a couple has children, assuming they are good parents, it consumes their existence for 18 or more years. There are all the stages of raising children from infancy to when they leave the nest.  This transition is particularly hard in some cases for Mom's that were able to stay home and care for their children rather than work.  When the day comes that the last child is gone, the stay at home Mom, looks around and says, Now What.   The working Mom and Dad can feel some relief of not having to juggle both jobs and caring for children and the same time.   

So now the kids are gone and parents are alone maybe for the first time since they had their first child.  They are officially empty nesters.  This can require  an adjustment period.  Some marriage don't make it because the husband and wife realize that their marriage was totally based on caring for the children as the reason to be together.  When that task is gone, sometimes the marriage is gone.  For others it can be a wonderful opportunity to rediscover what brought them together in the first place.  

Many times empty nesters choose to downsize.  They don't need the big house anymore as they start to plan for retirement.  And life without kids often results in a life style change as well.   Fewer bedrooms, great room, home office, craft room, exercise room and great outdoor space.  Builders today are building homes that do just that.  There are also great 55 or older communities that offer all sorts of amenities geared to an active age group.  Living in one of these communities is like being on a cruise ship 7/24 in terms of activities at the club that happen everyday.  If this is you, just call Paragon Home Resources to assist with your life transition.  We do it all to make moving as easy as possible.