Jan 27, 2021

Dealing With End Of Life Issues - Hospice Is Wonderful

The day will come for all of us when our time is up.  The only regret anybody should have at death is that they did not live a meaningful life.   This has nothing to do with money.  In fact, the rich have an even bigger obligation to give back to help others along the way.   What is most important is meaningful relationships with family and friends while we are alive.  It is amazing how many family members seem to be estranged from one another for one trivial reason or another.  Long before the end is near, it is time to end these animosities that may have existed in life.  This Blogger watched my Italian grandmother say to my grandfather while he was lying in his coffin, "you never said you were sorry".  I was all of 19 years old and I never forgot those parting words. 

All I could think was how could this be.  My grandparents were solidly middle class maybe even upper middle class; yet they never found happiness together.   It was very sad and unnecessary.  The lesson I learned was don't sweat the small stuff in life because life is short.  Nothing is so important that family relationships should be ruined over money, or other material things.  

We have precious little time on earth and it goes by so quickly.  We each have to make the best of the time God has given us.  What really matters is that we each made a difference so that our life was not in vain.  And, when the end is near, my experience with my parents related to Hospice was wonderful.  Hospice usually kicks in when it is determined that someone has less than 6 months to live.  It can be extended, but doctors usually can tell when the body starts to shut down.  At that point, it is really about making the loved one comfortable until the end comes.  No more taking someone to the doctor.  They come to them.  The good news is that Hospice is covered by Medicare at no cost to the patient.  

At Paragon Home Resources, we often work with families dealing with end of life issues.  In many instances, there is a home to sell and household belongings to deal with.  It can be a lot of work. but we make it as easy as possible during trying times.   Dying is part of living.  The day will come for all of us.  It is only sad if we have not made a difference in life.