Jan 22, 2021

Moving Into A Senior Living Community

Most people that live in Senior Communities either in Independent Care, Assisted Living or Memory Care are single women, widows, divorced, or never married over the age of 80.  The ratio is probably 80 - 90% women based on the typical community.  The reason may be that women tend to out live men so the need for quality care for a longer period of time it greater for women that for men.  The average stay in a Senior Community is about 30 months.  People either die and or end up moving to a skilled nursing home if completely bedridden requiring a higher level of care. 

About 65% of older people living in Senior Communities qualify for Medicaid, which means the federal government pays the monthly fees.  This applies to low income individuals most likely living on Social Security with little or no savings.  When that happens the federal government takes the recipient's monthly Social Security payment and provides a small allowance each month for incidentals.  The other 35% of people living in Senior Living are either private pay, or paid by private care insurance.  

The level of care determines the monthly fee, as well as, the location.  In lower cost areas fees may range from $3,000 a month to $5,000 a month per person.  In higher cost locations, the fees may range from $4,500 a month to $8,000 a month per person.  Independent living, which is the lowest cost usually involves an apartment of various sizes, 2 to 3 meals a day, maid service once a week and access to activities in the community.  As higher levels of care are required like assistance with medications, bathing, escort to meals and activities, the fees go up to the highest levels in the community. 

Memory Care is usually at the highest fee level and generally is in a lock down unit to prevent the Senior from wandering off.  Generally, these are self contained facilities where the Senior has a bedroom and access to the dining room right outside the room door.  Staff is there in the common area 7/24 to provide whatever assistance is required.  Many times these Seniors are in wheel chairs and require diaper changes.  

What is important to recognize is that people who move into Senior Living do so first for the security that is provided.   Physical space is less of an issue.  The constant interaction with other people is a real advantage to dealing with isolation that can occur when living alone in a home, or apartment.  Senior Living Communities make perfect sense for many people.  Getting three nutritious meals a day is the key to better health.  And, interaction with other people is critical to living longer.  

In many cases prior to moving into Senior Living, the family may need to sell the home where their loved one is living.  If so, just call Paragon Home Resources for assistance.   We do it all including selling the home for the best price and dealing with the disposition of Household Goods.  With our help, this life transition can be easy and stress free.