Jan 18, 2021

Going To The Doctor - Important To Staying Healthy

There are many people who fear doctors.  The thinking is no news is good news.  So they often only go to see a doctor when they are sick.  That is a big mistake.  Everybody should have a primary care doctor.  And, since most medical insurance plans now cover preventative care with little or no co-pays, getting a physical once a year should happen every year.  From what this blogger is told, controlling high blood pressure and high cholesterol are the two major factors to help insure a long life.  And, the good news is that drugs to deal with these ailments are usually generic so available at little or no cost through many insurance plans.  

This is not an age issue.  Even young people should have an annual physical.  Of course, as we get older it becomes even more important.  In addition, dental care is also important.  This blogger has been having my teeth cleaned regularly since I was 8 years old.  And guess what, I still have all my teeth 60 years later.  The bacteria that grows in the mouth can lead to other infections so regular teeth cleaning is also imperative.  Again, many insurance plans also cover dental.   And, believe it or not, dental procedures today are generally pretty painless.    

And, then there is eye care.  As we get older a once a year eye exam is also a good idea.  The eye doctor has machines today that can actually detect brain tumors.   Though it can happen much sooner, it seems that by the time we are 40, many of us will need glasses.  Being able to see really well impacts all aspects of daily life not to mention safety when driving.  Hearing issues can also sneak up on us as we get older.  Not being able to hear well limits interaction with others, which is not good.  

So, since we are the beginning of the year, if you have not scheduled your annual physical, do it.  The life you save may be your own by early detection of what could be a treatable medical ailment.