Jan 21, 2021

Good Schools Matter Related To Property Values

Not all Americans can afford to send their children to private schools.  Instead they look to buy homes in areas that have good or even great public schools primarily paid for by their property taxes.   School are rated on the Internet based on test scores and other factors.  Generally areas with schools that rate below 7 out of 10 or below should be avoided.  In fact, it would best if schools in the neighborhood rated 8 or higher.  And, don't think it does not matter if you don't have children.   At some point, you may want to sell your home.  You will want the highest property appreciation you can get.  Houses in areas with the best schools appreciate the most.  

Sometimes this means longer commutes to newer areas farther from job locations.  Or it could mean enclaves closer in with great schools; but in those cases home prices are likely to be higher.   If home price is a factor and it always is, moving farther out to get great schools even though it involves a longer commute will provide the most return on investment over time.  

In reviewing areas to buy a home, parents should get as much information as possible about the school district, as well as, the schools in the neighborhood near the home in question.  Some districts are more conservative than others.   Schools are not just about education, they are also about values.  Sadly, many public schools have been politicized over the years tending to push a more liberal agenda.  Parents who don't want that orientation should look elsewhere.  You are not going to change the public school so rather than try, find a school district that is more in line with your thinking and values.  

Great schools are critical to property values.  If you can afford private schools, they are rated too so make sure you are getting your money's worth.  A good private school should rate no lower than a 9 to warrant the tuition that is charged.  Some public and private schools are even National Blue Ribbon Award winners.  Those areas would be the most desirable.  Like everything else, it is a good idea be an educated consumer.  Just know that great schools are important to property values.  

If you need help choosing an area that is right for you and your family, just contact Paragon Home Resources to assist with your home purchase.  We can help you make the right decisions.